About us

Olga Godlewska

Graduate of Polish studies (University of Warsaw). Freelance editor and proofreader of books by day (Feeria, Dwie Siostry, Współbycie) and avid reader of Latin American and Caribbean literature any time of the day (or night). Since 2020 bookstagrammer sharing her thoughts on the books she has just read and posting updates on the new and upcoming titles from the region. Founder of Zamorski Book Club that she co-runs with Bartosz Wójcik. Admirer of prose; partial both to succint novellas and to epic novels.

Photo by Santiago Arca

Bartosz Wójcik

Studied English, but did not lose interest in literature along the way. Most probably because after hours he kept his ears peeled for orature. Publishes essays and waxes lyrical here and there, primarily about the Caribbean (Autoportret, Dialog, Dział Zagraniczny, Dwutygodnik, Przekrój, Raport z literatury, Wizje); on-and-off translator (professional profile). 

Chooses cooperation over competition. This led him to Podkast Zamorski, co-hosted with Olga Godlewska; a poetry anthology, co-edited with Jolanta Prochowicz; and an exhibition, co-curated with Monika Borys. Dog daddy to Środa.

Photo by Helena Ganjalyan